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Samsung LN40C630 LCD HD TV Review


Recently I was looking for the best selling HD TV sets and was really surprised when my research led me to the Samsung LN40C630 LCD HD television. Firstly I was amazed Samsung (big fan as I am), and secondly that it is a 40 inch device and not something bigger. So, here I am, HD TV expert, and I'm surprised something like that!

I also thought it would be an LED or plasma, but it was a mid-range LCD, which came out on top. So I had to know more about this HD TV that everyone in America is buying to find out!

As I mentioned in Vancouver at the time, I went to the local Future Shop to see what I could find. Arriving early on a Monday morning in hopes the sales staff would have nothing better to do and then give me a demo, the strategy turned out well as I quickly found my new best friend Graham TV seller. To be honest, I have to explain to him that I was not going to buy, and he would really, so a Starbucks Vanilla Latte later Graham was in full swing!

The first thing Graham told me that Samsung has just gone to the market with the C-series LCDs. And, he was very quick to point out how much the price of previous models has fallen. release. My guess is that economies of scale have kicked insofar LCD TV production concerns ... that coupled with the marked increase in demand and therefore numbers shipping and the price cut is a classic situation. So, I think we have just the point where people start to feel it is investing a really good sales achieved in HD-TV.

That's fair enough, but I still think any HD TV needs to "wow" the potential buyer to make them a part of their hard money earner, especially in the current economic conditions.

The main thing I wanted to know about was screen motion blur, a known bug in ealy LCD sets. Indeed, the reason why my first HD set was a Plasma (being a sports fanatic and all). Of course, the old Plasma (now my second set) suffers from the curse of the Plasma - screen burn. Difficult choice "used" days!

Anyway, back to the story, Graham explained that because Samsung have made the 630 series with 120 Hz screen refresh and given full 1080p HD capability that issue is resolved. The 80,000: 1 contrast of the screen also helps the picture clean and fresh, even when the action breakneck speed reaches

I think watching sports as a high priority tv pastime for many millions of Americans overcome this problem on it. Now lower price means the price objection barrier is stamped this reason, the Samsung LN40C630 is now proving so hugely popular and we see tremendous sales numbers.

Sure, I love all sports and this was a big problem for me. But what I saw from the LN40C630 LCD TV really changed my mind about LCDs.

So we rigged a true 1080p source and the image is crystal clear. And, I'm happy to report that completely free of motion blur. We watched a "morning after" replay of a Canucks game in full HD 1080. Ice hockey is probably the fastest sport available and the picture was beautiful. The action was fresh and bright with the colors bright and vibrant and the blacks deep and dark.

When we confirmed it to Blu Ray DVD player to watch the TV equipped with HD-DVD. Again, the Samsung LN40C630 came up trumps. Brilliant, bright, solid colors with rich, deep blacks showed wonderful contrasts and a picture that looked like the real life in the sun.

Graham (we were on first name terms) stated this was due to the full 1080p and contrast ratio. He also told me that the early LCDs were only 10 000: 1. Most HD TVs have been around 70,000 - one hundred thousand relationship apparently, and this is what gives the last sets such highly detailed and crystal clear pictures, no matter how fast, frantic action might get

It is true better "definition". is available with an LED, but I am convinced (after viewing it), this set is so popular because it gives a truly stunning viewing experience at a very reasonable price. It's also pretty much "immediate" future proof with Graham settlement would be "good for at last 5-7 years." I think it's reasonable.

The Samsung UN40C630 also comes with a reasonable jack pack (four HDMI, two USB, PC input), is more readily available, sure, but this is more then adequate for most other than the real geeks. Low power consumption is another advantage. It also utilizes Samsung's latest image technology (wide color enhancer pro). This is meant to better color clarity across the spectrum results in giving more brilliant colors. I can vouch for this! (Can you tell I borrowed a portion of sales puff there!)

The only slight downside to the Samsung LN40C630 40-inch LED TV is that the sound is not very good in all honesty. With only 2 x 10 watt speakers, I guess it's not surprising. And while the brochure says "offers multi-channel sound", well not really. But I think most people buying an HD TV will probably buy at least a basic cinema surround system, so it's not really an issue in my opinion.

The bottom line? This is an excellent HDTV in terms of performance, functionality and most importantly price! If you have not yet upgraded, this is the middle ground, safe option for your first foray into HD TV. Solid technology provides superb image quality for any kind of look. After seeing a demo thanks to Graham I can now see clearly why the Samsung LN40C630 LCD TV has become America's most popular HD TV!


Source by Derek Armson

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