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Energy Cost Considerations for Running a Big Screen TV


consumption running a large television screen are usually not the highest priority on most people's minds, but times are tough and understanding your monthly budgeting expenses is very important. Buying a new big screen TV will affect your electric bills for years to come. Home heating and cooling systems, along with lighting and your major appliances will account for a large portion of your energy, but large TVs are no laughing matter when it comes to the consumption of your energy. Some types and sizes, in particular plasma, use more electricity than an energy-efficient refrigerator.

Engineers have now determined the energy used by a typical LCD, plasma and rear-projection TVs turned on for 8 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yes, that is the typical use of an American household watches television every year. Most sets did not use much more energy than a 32- to 36-inch CRT TV. But 50-inch plasma screen with 1080p uses twice as much energy as the largest tube and set more than a comparable LCD TVs.

, it is clear that the larger screens of any type of television consumes more electricity than smaller models. And, it's important to know that with LCD and rear-projection TVs, screen has almost no effect on energy use because each pixel is lit up on the screen by the same backlight. However, with a plasma sets, 1080p models will use more energy than the 720p models. This is due to the fact that much more 1080p sets pixels that illuminates each individual. With LCD proposes is an important factor, the higher the backlight, the more current will be used. Just a few numbers to help you understand, a newer 20-cu.-ft refrigerator costs about $ 50 per year to run, and a 50-inch 1080p plasma set costs about $ 110 per year. (These figures are based on the Department of Energy in 2007, national average prices for energy.)

Even if the differences in cost from a few dollars a month does not add much to your budgeting needs, keep in mind that the millions of television sets used in American households consume an enormous amount of energy. There is certainly an environmental benefit of the use of a more energy-efficient TV.


Source by Joseph V. Formale

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