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Samsung - The Best LED TV on the Market For Many Reasons


Samsung is presently producing the best led tv line of any manufacturer. If you're about to purchase a new HDTV, look at Samsung before you spend your money!

Just when you thought HDTV could not get any better, Samsung has taken it further, much further. By taking a very old technology, the LED (light-emitting diode), and the many advances that have been made in the field, Samsung has been releasing the best LED TV on the market.

Whether it be in the LED LCD HDTV line or the new Samsung LED DLP HDTV line, these new televisions are producing images that are simply stunning. With contrasts ratios of 500,000:1 being offered in current LCD devices, as well as blur-free imaging, these LCD HDTVs aren't what you're used to seeing. With much brighter, more vibrant colors as well words really can't do the images justice, they truly must be seen to be believed.

Not only has Samsung worked their magic in the Samsung LED LCD TV line, but they have also advanced the LED DLP TV sets in leaps and bounds.

DLP is Texas Instrument's amazing chip that houses millions of microscopic mirrors that can switch states at incredible speeds, offering the best images in projection television (and commercial applications as well) that have ever been seen. That, of course, was until Samsung decided to set the bar even higher.

The older versions of the DLP system used a high power arc lamp as the light source for the DLP system. There was also a spinning color wheel used in those original devices. What Samsung has done with their new line of LED DLP TV technology is to take the best of the old and improve on it greatly.

Instead of using the arc lamp, which is costly to operate (and replace every few years) they use their own LED light source. They've also eliminated the spinning (whining) color wheel, which is one less item to break or wear out. This isn't about changing for the sake of changing though, these changes have resulted in HDTVs that have up to a 40% brighter image, with such brilliant color capability that many high definition sources can't even fully take advantage of the increased color gamut, as of yet anyway.

Of course without the high powered lamp to power on, the Samsung LED DLP TV also has near ly instantaneous startup. Add to that a much lower operating cost by not powering the arc lamp, and the savings that will be realized when you don't have to replace the lamps, and these devices are attractive in so many ways...even including the surprisingly low cost.

Although it's still possible to get a comparable image on the highest priced plasma sets, why pay several times more to do it ? Especially when the plasma tubes have a relatively short life and are on their way to the old technology heap in a very fast way.


Source by Jeffrey Norris

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