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ilovebaby Car Child Safety Cover Harness Pad Comfortable Offers Protection Strap Adjuster Mash Pad Kids Seat Belt Seatbelt Clip Booster Adult Children Air Mesh Fabric Blue With Black Lining Pack of 2 Review | Get The Best Price

Price : $14.99

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We at ilovebaby only have one motto and that is to satisfy our customers with the best products and service and also take care of your baby or your child by taking all possible measures. This Car Child Safety Cover Harness Pad is one such product from us which will offer both your child and you extreme support and protection.

We have designed this harness cover with precise measurements so that it covers the perfect area of the seat belt so as to make you safe and protected. It comes with adjustability options for quick adjustment when needed. We have given this product a special material which soaks up all the shocks and save you and also your child from sudden shocks and vibrations while travelling. It is made up air mesh fabric material which offers al round protection and safety.

This product is here to offer you with the best functionality and most importantly the best value for your hard earned money. The package includes 1 piece of harness which I s blue in color with black lining. The product dimension being height close to 22.5cm and width close to 25cm! It will surely compliment your car interiors as well. We guarantee you with the best service possible and we ensure immaculate quality standard of this product as always as it caters to protection and involves your child as well as you.

The package comes with a unique seat belt adjuster for kids and adults with total dimension of Width 25cm and Height 22.5cm. Comes with 2 seat belt adjuster in one package.
It is made up special made air mesh material which is carved out of fabric. Offers superior protection form seat belts and shocks. It will keep yourself safe and your child too.
This harness cover is very comfortable to use and offers all round protection from seat belt shocks. It is very easy to install and works on any seat belt. Universal fit.
It is equipped with an adjustability feature as well which ensures that you can adjust the seatbelt with it installed and can be safe from those sudden shocks. Great utility and functional.
This clip booster air mesh fabric area is blue in color with black lining all over it, looks good, compliments any interior and most importantly it will make you and your child safe.

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