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Car Window Shade - 2 Pack Baby Sun Shade for Car Side Window - NOW IMPROVED INCLUDES 8 SUCTION CUPS - UPF 30+ Sun Protection - Free Bonus Bag - Size 17 X 14.4 Inches - 90 Days Warranty Review | Get The Best Price

Price : $24.99

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Get the Benefits of this Safe and Durable Sun shade

☼ Provides protection from harmful UV rays, prevents glare and reduce heat

☼ Sticks securely to your window, even with temperature changes

☼ High quality nylon mesh fabric

☼ Easy to twist, fold and store and very quick to install

☼ Allows your children to see the world outside

Make the trip more enjoyable for your entire family

Your sunshades of high-quality fabric prevent glare and reduce heat to make the car trip more enjoyable. Why let your children look at a boring black sun shade when they can have these beautiful baby sun shades with farm animals?

They take up very little space when they are not in use. Put both of the car window shades and the suction cups in the free bonus bag when you do not use them. That will protect them and make sure that they keep their good quality for many years.

Do you often move your sunshades around? Don't worry, these sunshades will stick to your car window over and over again and they do not leave marks on your car window.

Custom designed sun shades with a free bonus bag for protection

☼ Bonus bag to store and protect your sun shades

☼ Custom designed print that your children are going to adore

☼ The suction cups make the shades stay securely in place

You will be protected by - No questions asked - 90 Days Warranty that we offer with all of our products. That means no worries, you are guaranteed a positive experience.

Click on the Big Yellow Button at the Top of this Page to make sure that You Protect your Children from Harmful Sunlight in just a Few Days.

❤ NOW IMPROVED WITH 4 SUCTION CUPS FOR EACH SHADE. We have listen to our customers who have asked us to add more suction cups and this package now includes a total of 8 suction cups.
❤ PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND PETS from harmful UV rays. Prevent glare and reduce heat without compromising on the visibility for the driver or passengers. Sticks well in temperature changes and on BOTH COLD AND WARM DAYS. Pediatricians often recommend that you use sun shades to protect your family against harmful sunlight when traveling. Make the sun SAFE AND ENJOYABLE for everyone today with these baby sun shades.
❤ VERY SIMPLE TO USE AND REALLY QUICK TO INSTALL on your rear side car windows. They are safe, durable and lightweight with a flexible frame that makes it easy to twist and fold when you want to put them away. They STAY SECURELY IN PLACE when installed and can easily be removed or adjusted in seconds without leaving behind marks or residue.
❤ TODAY YOU RECEIVE A FREE BONUS BAG to store and protect your car window shades. When they are folded they become very small and can easily be placed in your bonus bag together with the suction cups, to make sure you never lose them. Store in your glove compartment or in your car door when not in use.
❤ FITS MOST CAR WINDOWS, sun shade size 17 x 14.4 inches. Place them in your vehicle and it doesn't matter what type of car you own. It could be a truck, van, SUV, Toyota, Bmw, Fiat, Subaru or Jeep and they will look great. If you own more than one car, remember to get SUNSHADES FOR ALL YOUR CARS to always keep your darlings safe.

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