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Car Kick Mats & Deluxe Seat Back Covers (2-Count) By ZenKid® - Auto Seat Back Protectors & Back Seat Car Protectors With a Storage Sleeve ✮ Perfect Car Seat Covers That Are Easy To Clean & Install ✮ Lifetime Guarantee Review | Get The Best Price

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ZenKid Car KickMats (2-Count) Will Protect Your Seats From Getting Ruined By Dirt and Scuff Marks!

Are your seat backs always getting dirt, mud and scuff marks from your kids shoes that are a pain to remove? If you do, it's ok because kids will be kids and we have a perfect solution for you!

At ZenKid, we developed a car seat back protector and kick mat that will protect your seat backs and prevent any damage that they may endure from those dirty, muddy feet. You won't have to spend your time slaving away by cleaning those stains or spend your money on constant interior car washes.

Our car Kick Mats are cleverly designed and are made EXTRA LARGE (23.5 X 18 inches) to protect those seats fully.

In addition we added a valuable bonus to this car accessory by putting in an organizer pocket so your kids can store their goodies. Instead of them being on the floor they can now be safely stored within the storage pocket. How cool is that?


- Very Easy To Install

- Comes In a 2 Pack To Cover Both Seats

- Made With Durable, Long Lasting Water Resistant Fabric

- Made Extra Large To Fit Most Vehicle Seats

- Easy To Clean With a Wipe or Machine Wash

- Storage/Organizer Pocket For Your Kids Goodies

Parents love our product (just check out our awesome reviews!), but in case you're still unsure, you can feel confident buying knowing that we offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

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We know that you will put it to good use and enjoy the value it brings.

EXTRA LARGE SIZE - These kick mats are perfect cover car seats, carefully designed and are EXTRA LARGE (23.5 x 18 inches) so that they protect more of your back seat and fit all types of vehicles and suv's. Our seat back covers are DURABLE and easy to install. It is a MUST HAVE car accessory and auto seat back protector which will save you time and frustration of cleaning the back of your seats.
100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE - You should Purchase with CONFIDENCE knowing that our kick mats will serve their purpose of a perfect care seat accessory. Our car seat back protectors are made with durable long lasting material, so you can rest assured that these seat back protectors are well worth the investment. If you are unhappy for ANY REASON, we offer 100% no questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
EASY TO CLEAN - Simply wipe down the car seat covers with a wet paper towel or a damp cloth. These seat back protectors and seat covers are FULLY WATERPROOF, so there is very little maintenance needed. This is why these seat back protectors are an amazing car accessory to have.
GUARANTEED PROTECTION - Our PREMIUM kick mats (2-Count) car seats sets will protect and guard your upholstered/leather car seats from dirt, grime, and scuff marks. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that these seat back covers will guard your seat backs from dirty and wet feet. It's a perfect kick mat and seat back protector that will keep your seat backs looking like new for years to come. Your time is precious, so let these kick mats do the work! This is a very useful and time saving care accessory to own.
BONUS ORGANIZER/STORAGE POCKET - Your seat kick mats will also have an extra added storage pocket to store goodies your kids bring along for the ride. It's just an extra value added benefit for having these seat back protectors and covers be a part of your family and adventures.

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